KC Green Holdings considers safety and health of the employees at the first priority.

Safety‧Health‧Environment management policy

KC Green Holdings safety‧health‧environment management policy.

  • · KC Green Holdings shall comply with domestic and foreign safety‧health‧environment regulation.
  • · KC Green Holdings shall evaluate all managements that affect safety‧health‧environment in advance and take suitable measures.
  • · KC Green Holdings shall develop safety‧health‧environment management object and improvement plan for sustainable improvement of safety‧health‧environment performance.
  • · KC Green Holdings shall provide systematic education and training for all employees to understand and practice safety, health and management system.
  • · KC Green Holdings shall analyze and review safety, health and management system regularly.

Safety and Health

KC GreenHoldings and its affiliates put our employees’ safety and health first and organize the safety technology department of KC Safety & technologies to continuously improve the safety and health level.


Objectives and Strategies of Safety Technology Department

안전보건 인증
Vision To contribute to the sustainable development of human society by creating a safe environment for employees
Strategies Strengthen safety management level of affiliates
Establish strategic partnership among affiliates
Secure sustainable growth system


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Safety Check Safety Inspection Safety & Health Council Training Technical Advice
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