KC Green Holdings considers safety and health of the employees at the first priority.

Safety‧Health‧Environment management policy

KC Green Holdings safety‧health‧environment management policy.

  • · KC Green Holdings shall comply with domestic and foreign safety‧health‧environment regulation.
  • · KC Green Holdings shall evaluate all managements that affect safety‧health‧environment in advance and take suitable measures.
  • · KC Green Holdings shall develop safety‧health‧environment management object and improvement plan for sustainable improvement of safety‧health‧environment performance.
  • · KC Green Holdings shall provide systematic education and training for all employees to understand and practice safety, health and management system.
  • · KC Green Holdings shall analyze and review safety, health and management system regularly.

Safety and Health

KC Green Holdings and affiliates continue to improve safety and health of employees through safe environment promotion organization and safety and health management system.

Safety and Health promotion organization

- Safety and Health affiliate committee

Safety and Health staff of all affiliates gather quarterly to have seminar, and meeting on safety and health issues.

- Environment service safety environment team

For 3 incineration related companies having many safety management factors,
safety environment team and safety environment director are composed under direct supervision of CEO of KC Green Holdings in order to stress significance of safety and health.

Safety and Health Assessment

To keep clean and safe working environment and to improve health of the employees, KC Green Holdings annually evaluates safety and health activities of affiliates and awards qualified affiliates.

Safety and Health promotion organization

KC Green Holdings’ affiliates acquired OHSAS(Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System) 18001 to manage and comply with safety and health system autonomously. In addition, we acquired KOSHA 18001 certification to set and evaluate safety health management policy to make safer and healthier workplace.

Safety Health management system certification
Category Certified companies
OHSAS 18001 KC EnviroServices, KC Cottrell, KC Envirotech E&C, KC Cottrell(China), KC Thermal, Lodge Cottrell
KOSHA 18001 KC Cottrell, KC Hanmi Environment, KC Glass & Material, Clestra Hauserman


KC Green Holdings and affiliates do the best to inherit clean environment to future generations. Businesses of KC Green Holdings are for the sustainable future of global environment.

  • Environment management system (ISO14001)

    Environment management system (ISO14001)

    KC Green Holdings’ affiliates make effort to comply with environment regulations and to set, execute and improve environment policy and objectives to understand global environment issues and to minimize effects to environment.

  • Environment management system certifications

    Environment management system certifications

    KC Cottrell, Lodge Cottrell UK, KC EnviroServices, KC Landfill Service, KC EnviroServices, KC Hanmi Environment, KC Eco Energy, KC Glass & Material, Clestra Hauserman, KC Envirotech E&C

Environment improvement performance